IFS CREW es un colectivo multilingual con base en Barcelona: Los 10 miembros representan 4 continentes, 9 países y cantan en hasta 10 idiomas diferentes...WORLDWIDE!

It was early 2002 when the Hamburg native MC Philsen, whilst living in Barcelona, started holding private freestyle sessions with vocalists from different countries that he meets throughout the city, calling it IFS “International Freestyle Session”.

Then in 2004 these sessions changed from being a private event to becoming a regular event in different clubs and festivals in Catalunya, Navarra and Andalucia. At this point more artists joined the crew and it became a more solid structure.
The name was changed to “International Family of Sound” underlining its diverse and unique international gathering of great talent. In 2005 IFS started performing with elnomo, a DJ from San Francisco, and the afro-cuban band “La Mecánica Popular”, put together by the cuban IFS member Mel Seme. The bands live performences are an extraordinary fusion of Rap, Funk, Soul, Reggae, Dancehall and Drum n´ Bass with the MC´s layering up vocals in up to 10 different languages.

2006 the icelandic rapper/producer Sesar A dedicated himself to the production of the group, resulting in the release of the EP “Worldwide”.